It’s a new year, and a common resolution is to get in shape. That’s a great idea for your business as well! As the New Year kicks off, here a a few items you might want to shape up, especially if you’ve not done so in recent memory.

Your logo is one of the first things that comes to mind when customers think of your business, so it’s important it fits with the image you want to portray across all platforms.

You may think that once you have a logo, you’re stuck with it forever, but that’s not true. You can maintain your branding, while making your logo fresh and more in keeping with your business and current trends, which include flat colors, simplicity and sans-serif fonts.

If you feel your logo is a bit outdated, lacks a professional look, or is not in keeping with the direction your business is headed, that should be the first thing you update.

With all the high tech marketing options out there, business cards remain an essential tool for many business owners and professionals. If you go to trade shows, networking events or client meetings, it’s especially important to have professionally designed business cards with you to give to potential clients or customers.

Your business cards should be simple but effective. Consider including your new logo, name, contact information, website, and social media profiles if applicable. You should also consider color, card material and shape and other design elements to ensure your cards present a memorable and professional image.

If you’re going to get a new logo and other branding elements, make sure you have an online presence to match. Your website should be consistent with all of your other marketing materials, online and otherwise. It must be easy to navigate and use, especially for people using mobile devices. For web design assistance, we recommend Richard Jacobs at Leadstream.

In addition, social media can be an incredibly effective way to reach out to customers online. If your social media profiles are going to be the first things people see when it comes to your business, they also need to present a strong branded image to potential customers.

Consider your profile photos, bios, cover images and backgrounds when designing your social media pages. Your design should remain consistent and portray your ideal brand image so that when people come across your other marketing materials, they’ll already be familiar with your brand.

Print materials are still an effective format for marketing your business. If you offer a variety of different products or services or promote your business at events or trade shows, you need to have something to hand out, mail or leave behind.

It’s important to focus on what information you want to include, but visuals are extremely important as well. People won’t take the time to read through a wordy brochure, but

80% will remember an image! Make sure your print materials fit with your other branded materials and look both eye-catching and professional.

You might also want to consider getting some new signage for your business’s location, trade shows or other purposes. These signs can include anything from your logo and business name to more specific information about a product or service, and also need professional looking design and quality printing.