I recently came across a really valuable blog post by Brooke B. Sellas, CEO & Founder of B Squared Media, an award-winning social media management and advertising agency. and I would like to share this with you as you consider how you will market your business in the upcoming year. I have edited out part of this for brevity; focusing on the meat of the post. The full post is here.
At least once a year, many businesses aim for a marketing strategy revamp. This is a good best practice. It doesn’t matter how successful your year was — a little reflection and some tweaks will set you up for another showcase year.  I like questions that implore you to think. So, the 11 areas I like to look at for a marketing strategy revamp are listed as questions below.
See how many you can answer clearly … and how many make you take pause for next year’s planning.

  1. What market(s) are you currently pursuing? Are you leaving any out (why)?
  2. Are you immediately meeting the motivations and needs of your target customers? Why or why not?
  3. Do each of my products/services have their own unique selling proposition (USP)? Is it clearly stated somewhere? Where?
  4. Are my product/service USPs “pitched” to each of my target groups?
  5. How is your company different from others like it; what is your primary differentiation strategy?
  6. Does my primary differentiation strategy connect with the most urgent motivations and needs of my target customer?
  7. Is our pricing model creating benefits or negatives for my business?
  8. Who are my top competitors? What are they doing right/wrong that creates a threat/opportunity for my business?
  9. Where do we promote our products/services? Is this where our target customers buy?
  10. What is working the best and what is failing miserably with our current marketing strategy? (Be HONEST!)
  11. Is there anything preventing us from pursuing/executing our marketing strategy or marketing strategy revamp? What? Why? Who?

Now that your head is spinning, go for a walk. I’ll be here when you get back. 

Set Your Goals

Welcome back! If those questions seemed tough, I’m doing my job. These questions are tough for me to answer! Year after year, I struggle with questions 2, 4, 7, 8, and 11. I don’t think you’ll always have the perfect answer or the perfect marketing strategy. Therefore, that’s exactly why you need to plan a marketing strategy revamp at least once a year. When you’re setting your goals, get specific (not lofty).
Remember to do an early check-in to make sure the goals you set aren’t too unrealistic. If it seems like that 15% increase in consultations will be a stretch by the end of Q1, change it to a percentage more in line with how your year is shaping up.
Goals don’t always involve sales. Customer care is a HUGE place to focus on. In any case, your goals come down to the top areas you need to improve on in 2019. Choose them wisely!