With all of the focus on technology and our so-called paperless society, you may be surprised to learn that more companies are turning to brochures to market their products and services. Why? Brochures send a subtle message that your business is professional, reliable, and committed to quality. Here are some great business reasons for considering brochures as part of your marketing.
Cost Effective
Compared with many online marketing options, brochures are a low-cost choice that gets cheaper the more you order. Creative Minds can print 1,000 full-color, high-quality trifold brochures for you for around $150 (not including design costs).
Brochures typically include details about your business that make them useful for many purposes. Share them with potential customers, current clients, business contacts, and others. You can save time and money communicating your message when you have a summary of your products and services available in a brochure.
Easy to Distribute
You can distribute your brochures in a wide variety of places, allowing your company to communicate accurate information in a colorful and eye-catching format to more people and attract new customers. It’s easy to mail a brochure, include it with a letter, or display it in your office, public locations, and other visible places.
You can give away tangible items along with the brochures. Participate in a local event, and hand out your brochures with pens, bags, or other appropriate promotional items. The free merchandise may attract people to grab your swag, but afterward, they will read your brochure and learn more about your business.
Brochures Build Trust
Once you reach potential clients with your brochure, you can build trust. Many companies include objectives, goals, and mission statements in their brochure. You could also include testimonials and photos of clients. If you are active in the community, information in your brochure is a great opportunity to show you care.
A brochure also lets customers know you are a serious company with reliable credentials and dependable business practices. Many clients want to see evidence of experience before they do business with a company.
Communicate More Information
Brochures allow you to squeeze a lot of information in a small space. A trifold (whether 8-1/2” x 11”, 8-1/2” x 14” or larger) gives you six panels of available area for your messages. Include a map, information about your social media links, sales associate contacts, testimonials, and of course, lots of images. Generate immediate – and trackable – business by including coupons or discounts, helping you to determine a return on investment for your marketing effort.
Personalize Your Business
Professional speakers often focus on just a few people in a large audience. This approach helps the speaker communicate on a personal level, which is more effective than speaking to everyone at once. Your brochure can use a similar technique to create that one-on-one communication. Make sure your brochures tell your clients why they need your product or service in an approachable manner. Solve their problems and answer their questions.
Brochures also have a long shelf life and can easily be referred to again and again. Written material adds a personal touch that a website – while important to have as well – just does not.
Establish Your Business’s Authority
Printed sales literature communicates that you’re an established business. While business cards or letterheads are a good start, a brochure shows you are willing to invest in your business and are serious about marketing.
Because brochures can do so much for your company, don’t skimp on printing and design. A brochure that is poorly designed and printed on cheap copy paper reduces your credibility and professionalism in the eyes of potential clients. Invest in quality products to show you care about your business – and your client’s success as well!