Happy 2020! As we dive headfirst into a new decade – and my 15th year in business as Creative Minds – I thought this would be a great time to refresh your memory about what we do. Some of you work with us primarily on print projects – and have little idea about our PowerPoint work – and others work with us on PowerPoint and don’t know that we do print design as well.
To start with, what we really do is encompassed in our tagline: We help you communicate creatively, effectively and affordably. Whether you’re a one-person consultant conducting training, a small business owner looking to market your product or service, or part of a corporate team communicating financial results, we work with you to communicate your message in the most effective way we can, creatively and within budget.
Half of our business is PowerPoint presentations. Very few graphic design firms will touch PowerPoint (or, for that matter, anything Microsoft!) Our goal is to make you look and feel professional, increasing your confidence by giving you a presentation that represents you and your message well. We can create your presentation from scratch, update a current presentation or rough draft, or create templates for you based on your branding.
We can create custom graphics and charts, and we often do that within PowerPoint to allow for changes by our client, if needed. We also create graphics in outside programs when necessary. We can save your presentation as a video file for use online, to email, or to run in your trade show booth. If you need items designed and printed to support your presentation, we can help you there, too. And finally, we can run (and make last-minute changes to) presentations on-site at events such as conferences and meetings.
Print Design
The other half of our business is print-related design, and is what you frequently think of when you consider graphic design. This encompasses anything from logo design – often the first item a new business needs – through business cards, flyers, brochures, newsletters, pocket folders, post cards, posters, signage, banners, booth design, packaging … pretty much any print-related item. In addition to designing these items, we can often get them printed and delivered affordably for you.
How We’re Different
When you first come to us with a project – print or presentation – we’ll speak with you to discover what your goal is for the project, who your audience is and what your message is to them, who your competition is, if appropriate, and what branding we need to maintain. We’ll do some research if needed to see what’s already out there.
One of the other ways we set ourselves apart from most graphic designers is with our writing and editing expertise. I have decades of experience in advertising and corporate communications, and unlike most designers, I can help you with your print and presentation copy. I can even write newsletter and blog post articles for you.
I hope I’ve enlightened you as to what our skills are! If you have any questions, please give me a call or email me. We look forward to working with you this year. If you’ve worked with us in the past, I ask you to refer us to your colleagues, friends and business contacts. If you do and they work with us, we’ll give you a 15% discount on your next project (printing not included.)